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The inability to adequately track a project can lead to delays, or in some cases, a complete derailment of the project as a whole. The old mantra “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” is totally right: if you don’t have the capability to track certain key aspects of your project, how will you ever know whether things are running on time or delays are likely?

In this article, we will look into a few best practices to ensure that you won’t lose focus on your project and stay on track. …

You find yourself immersed in a project, solving problems, fighting with deadlines, it’s a day like many others in the life of a Project Manager. It’s all good, but then, a new email from your client, and it reads, “URGENT!”.

“What’s going on?!?” you think as cold sweat runs down your back. Words like “Concerned” and “Finding another PM” make it into the email. But why? You’ve been killing it! The client should be happy!

And then it hits you like a ton of bricks: “I forgot to send the Status Report!”

It all makes sense now. Of course, the…

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Effective communication is a critical skill in the toolbox of project managers. When it comes to dealing with your clients or stakeholders this skill becomes even more important. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to properly engage clients and stakeholders in project management.

Why is it so important to keep updated your clients and shareholders?

We know it, sometimes it can get tedious to continually update your clients on what’s going on. However, considering that they are the ones who hired you to manage the project, keeping the “budget gods” happy is one of your main duties.

Moreover, effective communication could also mean invoking crucial decision making in…

When it comes to managing a project successfully, Project Managers (PMs) need to be skilled in managing the project’s flow as much as in managing people. These days, however, projects are conducted digitally, so this means that in order to manage projects and people remotely, you’ll need some sort of online platform to do it successfully.

While there may be many different options to choose from, the following list of online tools for Project Management is made with the “bargain hunter” in mind. And what’s more “bargain” than free?

Let’s jump right into the ‘Best Free Online Tools for Agile…

Creating effective reports is one of the many duties of every Project Manager. This is, however, a time-consuming activity: reports should be comprehensive of every useful data about the progress of the project, easy to understand (remember that while you know every detail of your project, you must communicate it to people who lacks your knowledge and expertise), and good-looking too (yes, appearances also count).

This is why we have developed an easy-to-use template you can use and customise for your next reports, so you’ll communicate clearly the advancement of your project while saving time.

How to use the Project Management Report Template

The report template is really…

Let’s make it clear from the start: in the real world of Project Management, the fight between Waterfall vs. Agile makes no sense. Indeed, there is no “one single way” to manage a project, and expert PMs know that being able to assess the needs of a project and being able to adapt to those specific needs are exactly the makings of a great PM.

Thus, when it comes to the question “which one is better” (agile or waterfall), the answer can only be neither. It really depends on the framework of the project you are working on, deadlines, budget…

When it comes to project management, there are two main methodologies to approach a particular project, namely Waterfall Project Management and Agile Project Management.

In this article, we will not only find out exactly what both of these terms mean, but also when to use them within the scope of a project. If there is one thing that Project Managers know, it’s that “ No two projects are alike! “.

What is Waterfall Project Management?

Nowadays, many people see Waterfall as a good-old-fashioned approach to project management. Some would say it’s a cookie-cutter approach to managing a project: highly-structured and predictable since every project will…

How we would love to live in a world where only good news existed! But not only does such a place not exist, it would also be a very boring place indeed. While most people fear “bad news” both in the sense of receiving and dispensing it, the fact that there are “stakes” is what makes life exciting.

However, within the life cycle of a project, bad news not properly handled can have devastating effects. Some people believe in the “ Band-Aid method”, which consists in simply deliver the bad news immediately and without mercy to get it over with…

What is a Project Status Report? To put it plainly, it’s a report about the status and the progress of a project. Sounds boring? You’re right, but keep in mind that what it lacks in being a creative concept, it makes up for in terms of functionality.

Every experienced Project Manager will attest to the benefit of having timely and well-formed project status reports, aimed at updating and keeping informant their clients and stakeholders, while simultaneously utilizing it as a tool to navigate his or her team in the right direction.

Some people call it “taking stock”, or “sending updates”…

Why I love dot voting, and how to make it the perfect group decision-making tool

I love dot voting. I mean, I really love dot voting. But there are also some things I don’t like so much about dot voting. If you do it right, it’s a fantastic and democratic tool for giving the right meaning to creativity, problem-solving, and prioritisation meetings. Do it wrong, and it becomes a collection of social and cognitive biases.

In this article, I’ll go through the pros and the cons of dot voting, and I’ll show you how to overcome its limitations with ease.

The good

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